Intro - American Collection

It was "John F. Kennedy Memorial High School" for a very specific reason of course.   This video segment highlights our namesake and the turbulent and also hopeful times we lived thru in1960's America.  President Kennedy's statue and prior graduating classes are links with those earlier times.  School events, rallies and clubs bound us together.  The music; American Collection - by John Williams, fit a photo progression from larger to smaller student groupings.

Better Be Good to Me

We strived to excel in many areas as individuals and teams together, for ourselves and the school's benefit.  And therein lies a natural tension; "Be Good for Me".

Say What You Need to Say

Relating honestly to each other, has never been easy to master.  Sometimes we were brave enough to be ourselves, yet we are still working at this so many years later too.  Dedicated to the friendships we formed then and those relationships we wished we had somehow been able to build, across the barriers of awkwardness, cliques, appearance, competition and missed opportunities.

Looking back, I think Kennedy HS had many exceptional graduating classes, whose students, on balance, cared about each other to a remarkable extent, however these photos also suggest an undercurrent that was at times painful.  Experiences that could move you forward or leave a scar, seemed to blurr, caused by another's glance or turn of phrase.  It was and is, darn hard work being young and vulnerable, so very hard to "say what you need to say"

Early in the sequence there is a wonderful photo of principle Jack Dempsey talking quietly with a small child and later consoling a distraught student in the cafeteria.... "... with a heart wide open, say what you need to say - John Mayer"

Hanging Onto the Good Times

School friendships, activities, clubs, band and singing groups.  Very young Mr. Mike Sands and photos of some teachers not in previous segments.  "... say old friend it's been such a long time since I saw your smiling face" - song by Little Feat.

40th Reunion - Slideshow Segments

Our Town Seattle

Reviews context of our collective childhoods growing up in the Pacific NW. And memories of events in America that shaped us and our communites.

All the still photos of people and places are from the Seattle area.

First, I am so very grateful to all the individual photographers from the Kennedy High School community who took the yearbook photos and others used to produce these slideshow segments.  Mostly unsung and underappreciated at the time.  They captured important moments in our collective lives that shaped us and might otherwise have faded and been lost to those who experienced them so very long ago.  In the era of film photography it took patience and considerable dedication to develop one's skill in the craft, which shines brightly here in shot after shot for all to share today and forever.

Only grudging acknowledgement is due the yearbook printing companies from which many of these photos were scanned.  The printed resolution was very poor which made digital scanning problematic.  That so many photos still retained their great emotional power is a tribute to the talented photographers who composed them and the yearbook copy editors who gave them a voice.

Please enjoy these modest slideshows.  Note it may take several seconds after clicking play button for the video stream to load in your web browser.   Feedback will help improve future efforts and is appreciated (

-- Many regards,.. mark early (class of 1974) and wife Lolly Bates who helped with much of the video editing.


Did my very best in the earlier slideshow segments to include photos of as many classmates as possible.  This last segment scrolls alphabetically thru each student's senior class photo as they appeared in the 1974 yearbook layout.  And includes a few notable photos that didn't appear in the earlier segments.

After watching all the video segments, we were all unforgettable .... really!

In Memoriam

Their memory lives on in our hearts and our deeds