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Reduce Our Runoff Effectively


Your block could experience this:   ineffective and expensive ($18,000 each cell) bio-retention ponds that have standing water all winter long; “traffic calming” that most find unnecessary; streets blighted by warning and no-parking signs; safety hazards for our children and pets; mosquito breeding grounds; property values deteriorating further due to SPU’s ineffective project.

We are a group of Ballard (Seattle, WA) residents who support reducing stormwater runoff. However, we are grappling with the misguided implementation of SPU’s “Ballard Roadside Raingarden Pilot Project” in our neighborhood.

Above is a picture from the SPU project flyer selling the “Raingardens”. Below is a picture of the Bio-Retention Ponds SPU is delivering.

Links to other important pages:

See the blog:     http://ballardraingardengue.wordpress.com

Check out SPU’s info:      http://www.seattle.gov/cso/ballard

More info on other GSI Projects:    http://www.werf.org/livablecommunities/studies_sea_wa.htm

updated 3-10-11